Thursday, August 25, 2005

Henry Siegman on Israel's approach to negotiating with the Palestinians following the Gaza withdrawal

Siegman: Crucial for Sharon to Offer Palestinians Full Peace Negotiations in Return for Ending Violence - Council on Foreign Relations: "�If Sharon will take the position that Israel will not move on the road map until all violence comes to an end, without adding that if the Palestinians succeed in ending the violence, then Israel is prepared to negotiate all the issues included in the road map� the pre-1967 border, the capital of a Palestinian state in Jerusalem, trading territories in order to accommodate the major Israeli settlement blocks in the West Bank, etc.�then it will be clear he is using the security issue to prevent a peace process, and the Gaza withdrawal was nothing more than a ploy to gain time for the deepening of Jewish settlements in the West Bank,� says Siegman, senior fellow and director of the U.S./Middle East Project at the Council on Foreign Relations. �If he makes it clear that Palestinian success in dealing with terror will create a genuine Palestinian state, then we�re on the way back to the road map.�"

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