Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Turkish Bride will be left waiting at the altar, so argues Gerard Baker.

If so, Turkish Muslims will be reified in their suspicion of the West and that is not altogether a good thing.
Let's Not Talk Turkey: "Even in Britain, a country historically disposed to admitting Turkey, the events of the summer are likely to play out to Ankara's disadvantage. The terrorist attacks in London led to a fundamental reappraisal of Britain's embrace of multiculturalism. The prospect of 70 million Turks having the right of free movement to Britain's shores is not likely to go well with British voters.
Next month these sizable popular obstacles to Turkish membership will be buttressed by a very large political one. If, as still seems probable, the Christian Democratic-Christian Social coalition wins the German elections on September 18, on their own or in coalition with the Free Democratic party, Turkey's dimming hopes will recede further. Under the leadership of Angela Merkel, the largest country in Europe will be headed by a government that is resolutely opposed to an enlargement to Turkey. Within eighteen months France too could have a new government likely to be more reflective of the popular will against Turkish membership than the current one. Adding sacred insult to all this secular injury, even the Holy Spirit seems to be against the Turks. The new pope, Benedict XVI, elected in April to succeed John Paul II, has been one of the most outspoken opponents of Turkey joining the European Union."

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