Friday, September 30, 2005

Campaign Methods Put to Test in Tour To Boost U.S. Image

: "In Egypt, when she asked college students for a show of hands indicating who had voted in the recent presidential election, only one shot up. The next day, she worked into her standard speech a heartwarming story about meeting someone who had participated in the first multiparty election in Egypt's history."

One hopes otherwise, but it still does not look like Karen Hughes "gets it". The U.S. does not need a charm offensive, and the U.S. is not misunderstood in the Arab world. Karen Hughes went out to Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia apparently expecting to show a emphathetic face, to reveal the wholeside side of America, to reveal the abundance of piety of America, when the problem is what the U.S. is doing. Ms. Hughes needs a sign for her office:

It is the policy stupid.

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