Sunday, September 11, 2005

IDF General Escapes Arrest in London

"General (res.) Doron Almog, former head of the Israel Defense Forces' Southern Command, escaped arrest Sunday by the London police's anti-terrorist and war crimes unit, when he remained on an aircraft that had landed in Heathrow airport and returned with it to Israel several hours later.

"The warrant was issued based on one incident - demolition of a home in Rafah - but the attorneys also seek to investigate allegations concerning Almog's involvement in three other cases: the killing of a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy (Nouha al-Maqadam, March 3, 2003); the killing of three young men in northern Gaza on December 30, 2001; and the bombing of the Daraj neighborhood in Gaza on July 22, 2002, which killed Hamas' military head Salah Shehadeh and 14 other Palestinians.

"Last month Hickman and Rose learned of Almog's planned visit to Britain, and it submitted to Judge Workman information about the Israeli's alleged involvement in
various crimes. As representatives of the families of the victims, Hickman and Rose decided to arrange for Almog to be arrested. The firm worked closely over the past months with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza, which documents IDF operations there."

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Oscar said...

Now the question is, Who tipped him off?