Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Iraq's Draft Constitution Is Said to Deepen Divide

Iraq's Draft Constitution Is Said to Deepen Divide: "'Unless the flaws of its draft constitution can be corrected in the next few weeks before the Iraqi people vote on it, Iraq is likely to slide toward full-scale civil war and the break-up of the country."

Don't be diverted by Bush administration rhetoric pledging to stay the course in Iraq.

If the constitutional draft is approved in referendum next month then the end game will be in motion. USG experts think that it is likely that at least one Sunni province, namely al-Anbar, will muster a 2/3 vote against the constitution, but that is unlikely that three Sunni provinces will cross the 2/3 threshold. They may be right. If so, the deeply flawed draft will become Iraq constitution.

Will the wind then be let out of the sails of the insurgents? Don't bet on it.

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