Thursday, September 01, 2005

STUNNING NEWS --Four Lebanese security chiefs charged with murder of Hariri

The Daily Star - Politics - Four Lebanese security chiefs charged with murder of Hariri
"Four security chiefs detained in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri were last night charged 'with murder, attempted murder and carrying out a terrorist act.'
Chief Investigating Magistrate Saeid Mirza formally charged the suspects after extending their detention for an extra 48 hours. The suspects, Major General Jamil Sayyed, the former head of General Security, Major General Ali Hajj, the former director general of the Internal Security Forces, Brigadier General Raymond Azar, the former director general of military intelligence, and Brigadier General Mustafa Hamdan, commander of Lebanon's Presidential Guards, have already spent three days in custody and will now be interrogated by Investigating Judge Elias Eid later today."
Jamil al-Sayyid, in particular, head of the Surete Generale, or Amn al-'Amm, has long been a figure of enormous influence and power in Lebanon. As recently as last summer he was rumored in Beirut to be contemplating a challenge to Assembly Speaker Nabih Berri. If there is any question of the degree to which Lebanon has been affected and has changed since the assassination of Rafiq al-Haririy last February 14th, the arrest of al-Sayyid and his compatriots is the answer.

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