Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The jousting over the presidency in Lebanon has begun

The Daily Star - Politics - Saad Hariri says Lahoud has no legitimacy

Emile Lahoud's position is tenuous. He was ostracized in New York, when Condie Rice met with Fouad Siniora but pointedly not with Lahoud. In Lebanon, calls for him to step down are persistent. In northern Lebanon Suleiman Tony Franjieh, the grandson and political heir of President Sulaiman Franjieh, who presided when Lebanon collapsed into civil war in 1975, has endorsed General Michel 'Aun, whose political performance since his return from exile has been divisive and unimpressive.

Lahoud has two more years of his extended presidential term, but it now seems doubtful that he will be able to complete the term.

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