Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mubarak Foe, Bravado Gone, Feels Smeared

Mubarak Foe, Bravado Gone, Feels Smeared - New York Times: "Ayman Nour, whose campaign for president was fueled by charisma and bravado, and whose imprisonment led Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to cancel a trip to Egypt in protest, can hardly discuss his circumstances without breaking down.
Not only does he face older criminal charges but he says he, his family and supporters have been hit with a barrage of legal and personal attacks as well.
Several days ago he said he received an express mail delivery of audio CD's of intimate recordings, with the title 'The Scandal of Ayman Nour and His Wife.' According to Mr. Nour and his wife, who said the recordings were fabricated with actors, an accompanying letter said, 'You have trespassed your masters' and then warned: 'This time it is in audio. Next time, it will be picture and audio.'
It is impossible to say who is waging a campaign against Mr. Nour."

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