Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reverberations of Larry Franklin's Guilty Plea

Haaretz - Israel News - Between friendly countries: "The other side of the Franklin affair relates to the Israeli Embassy and senior Israeli diplomat Naor Gillon. Ever since the Jonathan Pollard espionage case, Israel has shied away from anything liable even to recall this sorry affair. Israel, as a country whose representatives in Washington have regular contact with many administration officials, has no reason to act as if it were a guilty party in this new affair.

The FBI is an American investigatory agency, not an Israeli one, and if it wishes to obtain information about employees of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, or about former Mossad agents, it must submit an official request to Israel, rather than contact the people in question directly. There are several rules that friendly countries do not allow themselves to break when it comes, for instance, to a friendly country's former intelligence agents."

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