Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Egyptian Police Beat Women Voters

Intent on preventing any additional gains by the Ikhwan in parliamentary elections, the Egyptian government ha reverted to business as usual.Egyptian Police Beat Women Voters: "Police blocked access to a polling station in the city of Zagazig's Nasiriyah district, where a candidate supported by the Muslim Brotherhood was favored to win. The Brotherhood is the country's largest opposition group.
About 25 women managed to push through the police line, prompting more officers to rush at them to hold them back. Some officers beat the women with sticks while others shoved them back.
'Nobody is entering here,' a police officer bellowed to the crowd, which continued to push the phalanx of officers. The polling station doors were closed.
While voting was normal in other areas Wednesday, the scene in Zagazig was typical of the confrontations that have occurred with increasingly regularity during the past four weeks of voting as the Brotherhood has won far more support than pundits expected."

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