Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Houssam joins Syrian officers for questioning in Vienna

The Daily Star - Politics - Houssam joins Syrian officers for questioning in Vienna: "In other developments, Lebanese judicial sources said Houssam's Lebanese fianc�e Tharwat Houjeiri, 'gave a very important and interesting statement to the Lebanese Ju-diciary, which submitted a copy of it to the UN probe.' The sources said Houjeiri re-vealed that she had been walk-ing through Beirut's Ain al-Mreisseh neighborhood (the area in which Hariri was assas-sinated) 15 minutes before the explosion on February 14 took place. She said Taher Houssam had received a phone call from Jamaa telling him 'to leave the area as quickly as possible be-cause a massive explosion' was about to happen.
The sources quoted Houjeiri as saying Taher Houssam later told her 'Jamaa saved our lives.' The sources added Houjeiri made clear she was not pres-sured to make such a statement."

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