Friday, December 23, 2005

Turkey faces huge payout for homes in Cyprus

Inching toward a solution in the Cyprus dispute, this ruling the by Human Rights Court affords an opporunity that both sides seem to recognize.
Guardian | Turkey faces huge payout for homes in Cyprus: "The Greek government, which champions the Greek Cypriot case, yesterday welcomed the ruling. Nikos Papaconstantinou, a spokesman for the Greek embassy in London, said that Greek Cypriots 'have sovereign title rights to property and that is something the European court recognises and Turkey should do something about it if it is serious about joining the European Union. It can't put these issues under the rug.'
The Turkish foreign ministry issued a statement saying it believed changes made by the parliament in Turkish Cyprus on Monday regarding compensation will meet the court's expectations. It added: 'Property issues in Cyprus contain complicated elements. However, this legal arrangement offers an important opportunity towards settlement.'"

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