Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And now a word from Ziggy, the parrot

Even birds may speak truth to power.
Kiss and Tell: She Kisses and the Parrot Tells - New York Times: "'Hiya, Gary!' the parrot trilled flirtatiously whenever Chris Taylor's girlfriend answered her cellphone.
But Mr. Taylor, the owner of the parrot, did not know anyone named Gary. And his girlfriend, Suzy Collins, who had moved into his apartment a year earlier, swore that she didn't, either. She stuck to her story even after the parrot, Ziggy, began making lovey-dovey, smooching noises when it heard the name Gary on television.
And so it went until the fateful day just before Christmas when, as Mr. Taylor and Ms. Collins snuggled together on the sofa, Ziggy blurted out, 'I love you, Gary,' his voice a dead ringer for Ms. Collins's."

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