Monday, January 16, 2006

Anger in the West Bank Helps Hamas Win Hearts - New York Times

The key question about Islamist participation in politics, let's call it the inclusion hypothesis, is whether when confronted with the mundane demands of politics the Islamists will put aside some of their ideological verities in order to get things done and in order to survive politically. There is ample evidence that non-Islamists routinely do just that, one might think of the National Religious party of Israel, for instance. Moreover, the Ak party of Turkey, arguably Islamist at its core, has manifested the same pragmatism. So,will Hamas be any different?
Anger in the West Bank Helps Hamas Win Hearts - New York Times: "'Of course there will have to be a national coalition with Hamas, but Fatah will lead it,' he said. 'Hamas doesn't want to take decisions and be responsible for governing. They want to block certain matters but have the blame go to Fatah.'
Is he afraid of Hamas? 'Hamas will have to accommodate with political reality and concentrate more on politics than on the conflict,' he said, then reflected the usual Palestinian conviction about powerlessness. 'Israel and the United States,' he said, 'want a Palestinian Authority that serves their interests.'"

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