Sunday, January 15, 2006

Aoun launches attack on Khaddam

Once the skeletons beginning walking out of the closets there are going to be many interesting revelations, and perhaps some pithy detail about the (mis)behavior of Lebanese and Syrian officials. We see a hint of that here, not just with Aoun's comments about Khaddam's culpability but also with the reference to President Emile Lahoud and his role in corruption.

The Daily Star - Politics - Aoun launches attack on Khaddam: "A statement issued by President Emile Lahoud's press office rejected Khaddam's claims the president was involved in corruption cases.
The statement called Khaddam's allegations 'rude,' adding that Khaddam himself was 'a symbol of corruption.'
'It is enough to check Khaddam's and his family's accounts and assets to realize that he is highly corrupt,' the statement said, adding that Lahoud had always made fighting corruption and protecting public money a priority."

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