Thursday, January 05, 2006

An open letter to Jack Straw by Patrick Seale

The Daily Star - Politics - An open letter to Jack Straw: "Late last month, in the dying days of the U.K. presidency of the EU, you did something which puzzled and angered a great many people. On 12 December, you quashed a report by EU diplomats in Jerusalem and Ramallah which sharply criticised Israel for completing the seizure of East Jerusalem and cutting it off from its Arab hinterland.
You were reported as saying that it was not 'appropriate' to publish the report. I call on you to explain your decision in the columns of this newspaper.
I am not alone in believing that, by your decision, you betrayed the Palestinian people, so often betrayed by Britain in the past; you betrayed the EU diplomats who wrote the report; and you betrayed all those who still believe in a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict."

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