Monday, January 30, 2006

What Hamas Is Seeking

This is an astute appeal to the U.S. by one of the leading figures in Hamas. Readers will recall that Abu Marzook was held in jail for two years, and finally expelled to Jordan. The U.S. lacked the evidence to bring him to trial, since the only testimony produced was flimsy. Israel declined to request extradition.
What Hamas Is Seeking: "As the Israelis value their own security, Palestinians are entitled to their fundamental rights to live in dignity and security. We ask them to reflect on the peace that our peoples once enjoyed and the protection that Muslims gave the Jewish community worldwide. We will exert good-faith efforts to remove the bitterness that Israel's occupation has succeeded in creating, alienating a generation of Palestinians. We call on them not to condemn posterity to endless bloodshed and a conflict in which dominance is illusory. There must come a day when we will live together, side by side once again."

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