Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Arabist: Why Al Masri Al Youm matters

The Arabist Why Al Masri Al Youm matters: "Even as the traditional, state-backed papers try to liven up coverage to compete, the upstart dailies still stand out. One day this week, for example, al Ahram, the largest and most venerable of the old-guard papers, ran front-page items on a soccer match, a new government hot line for bird-flu cases, Mubarak meeting with his Cabinet, and Mubarak's wife announcing the theme of her annual motherhood conference.
Al Misri al Youm, by contrast, ran a front page full of local news about a political party in disarray, judges fighting for more independence, Islamists suggesting donations to the cash-strapped Palestinian militant group Hamas, and an exclusive investigation into corruption at the agriculture ministry. The price? About 17 cents a copy."

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