Saturday, February 04, 2006

A new dance partner for Israeli leaders

A new dance partner for Israeli leaders - The Boston Globe: "In 2005, Amnesty International deplored Israel's unwillingness to stop settler violence against Palestinian villagers; Human Rights Watch accused Israel of failing to protect Palestinians from unlawful attacks and killings by Israeli soldiers.

If the US conditions aid to Palestinians on Hamas's behavior, then US aid to Israel should be tied to Israel finally heeding the US-supported ''road map' for peace. The plan requires Israel to dismantle scores of settlement outposts established since 2001, halt even natural growth of all settlements, cease all violence by soldiers and settlers against Palestinians, as well as cease the seizure of Palestinian property and destruction of Palestinian homes.

Human Rights Watch recently called on Bush to cut aid to Israel equal to what Israel spends on settlement growth and illegal sections of the wall.

If Bush wants to revive US credibility in the world, then he must oppose violence by Israel as well as Hamas. Washington's support for Israel's occupation prevents a viable Palestinian state and a just peace, makes a mockery of US claims to stand for justice and freedom, feeds anti-Americanism, strengthens hawks and weakens doves on both sides, and means more needless Israeli and Palestinian deaths."

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