Friday, February 17, 2006

Shelving of Panel on Mideast Roils School

One might think that hearing two Palestinian intellectuals with quite different views would be educational indeed. The obvious irony in the cancellation of this event comes at a time when the informed public, including bright students, might be expected to be very curious about differing Palestinian perspectives. Leavening the views of the two speakers with the perspective of a more pro-Israeli speaker would beg the question as to what point of view the pro-Israeli speaker would represent.
I should add that Muhammad Muslih is a respected, and very balanced scholar, who is respected both for his academic talents and for his integrity.
Shelving of Panel on Mideast Roils School - New York Times: "When the principal of the elite Fieldston school notified parents by e-mail of an assembly that was to feature two Palestinian speakers, he said that it would further the school's 'progressive reputation' and that the Palestinian viewpoint was one that 'few of us, students or faculty, are familiar with or can claim to understand.'"

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