Thursday, March 30, 2006

Following Israel's lead, Canada cuts aid to Hamas : Following Israel's lead, Canada cuts aid to Hamas: "Canada has become the first country after Israel to cut off aid and diplomatic ties with the Palestinian Authority since Hamas, a group that Ottawa considers a terrorist organization, won the legislative election in January.
The decision garnered praise from pro-Israeli organizations, but condemnation from an Arab group spokesman who said it will hurt Canada's ability to press a resolution to the long-standing and bloody dispute in the Middle East.
It comes after weeks of suggestions by the new Conservative government that Hamas would have to change its direction for further assistance to continue.
'This is very much in keeping with what we've consistently said: that we would require an incoming government to, basically, respect existing agreements to follow the road map to recognize Israel as a state and to renounce all violence,' Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said yesterday.
'To date, that has not happened. So, as a result, there will be no direct or indirect funding to the Palestinian Authority.'
The announcement will mean the suspension of $7.3-million in aid. "

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