Sunday, March 19, 2006

Left to Rot in Gaza

Now here is a way to build support for peace, namely to further impoverish the already miserable Gazans.
Left to Rot in Gaza: "The harvest is underway inside a row of greenhouses here on the grounds of a razed Israeli settlement. But most of the tomatoes and sweet peppers, usually shipped to European markets, will rot in a nearby ravine.
'We keep getting it, but we don't know what to do with it,' said Abdul Fatah al-Eilah, the greenhouse manager, as workers stacked boxes of vegetables in a storage shed while tractors towing flatbeds full of produce lined up to enter."


Anonymous said...

The headline, photo and caption suggest that the Israeli policy is foolish and is victimizing the Palestinians. But within the extended copy, Mr. Wilson mentions a couple of times that armed Palestinians are shooting rockets from Gaza into Israel. They have also elected a government that rejects Israel's right to exist and both implicitly and explicitly reject established peace-making approaches (Oslo, roadmap). Seems to me that Israel is following a Ganhi-esque policy: yes, don't cooperate, close the border, let the vegetables rot. And they have built walls to separate themselves from these people who continually make bad decisions. They do have and have long had the power to positively change their and our world -- it means reaching for peace.

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arn said...

Occupation by definition victimizes the occupied. The immediate question is whether Israeli policies (that contradict agreements made last November) that further undermine the already pathetic Gazan economy make sense, whether in terms of Israel's security interests, fundamental human values, or U.S. policy. On the latter point, it is not at all clear that the U.S. has a compelling interest in supporting Israel's policies in this regard.