Friday, April 07, 2006

Abbas on Hamas / Middle East & Africa / Arab-Israel conflict - Palestinian Authority cohabitation continues: "Hamas also had an uncomfortable first week on the diplomatic front. Mahmoud Zahar, foreign minister, said he had scheduled a visit to China only to have Beijing respond that it had no plans to receive him. Mr Zahar was also obliged to deny that a letter he wrote to Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general contained an implicit recognition of Israel. “This is exactly what they choose. This is their foreign minister,” said Mr Abbas. “Can he survive, can he deliver, work with his colleagues in the outside world?”

Mr Abbas said he hoped Hamas would eventually meet the commitments de-manded from it. “They are one week in office only and when such people are shifting from the opposition to the government, at least they need some time to convince their people outside and inside, those radicals [and] those moderates. We will give them time. We cannot say that you failed after two days or a week.”"

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