Monday, April 24, 2006

Starving Hamas of money

Aljazeera.Net - US pressure on banks choking Hamas: "US officials have warned that the Bush administration can take action against financial institutions that help provide money or services directly to the new government.

As the United States has designated Hamas as a 'terrorist' organisation, such actions could be in breach of US law.

Washington has been spearheading a campaign with Israel to isolate Hamas, which won elections in January and took control of the Palestinian Authority late last month.

US officials would not discuss any specific communications with banks regarding the Islamic militant group, whose charter calls for Israel's destruction.

But without commenting specifically on any US or foreign banks, Molly Millerwise, the US Treasury Department spokeswoman said: 'If an organisation or individual is facilitating direct fundraising for Hamas, they open themselves up to action by the United States.'"

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