Sunday, May 21, 2006

Did you know that "West Point" is a registered trademark?

West Point is of course the common term of reference for the United States Military Academy, an institution that is funded by U.S. taxpayers. If the name of a federal institution may be protected by trademark does that I mean that "White House" could also win a trademark? Then I could not found a group named the Committee to evict Bush from the White House without the permission of, yes, the White House.
It seems that a
group of "old grads" have created a group to express their profound disapproval of the invasion of Iraq. West Point is now trying to sic its legal hounds on them to remove "West Point" from their group's name. (Truth in blogging suggests that I remind readers that I served on the West Point faculty for more than twelve years as a Professor of Political Science.)
Perhaps we need an Association to Rescind the Trademarking of West Point.

And Now, a Few Words on West Point® - New York Times: "In 2000, the United States Army registered a trademark on the words West Point and has also registered trademarks on other terms for the school, including U.S.M.A. and United States Military Academy. Since then, sometimes to the chagrin of folks in Highland Falls, the village just outside its gates, West Point has taken to heart the importance of protecting its trademark from unauthorized uses."

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