Saturday, May 27, 2006

"Escalation of hysterical repression"

afrol News - "Escalation of hysterical repression" in Tunisia: "According to the human rights groups, 'security harassments' continued to the extent that Tunisian authorities attacked a member of the executive office of the Swiss Branch of Amnesty International, Yves Steiner, while he was attending the annual general meeting of Amnesty's Tunisia Branch. On 21 May, as the meeting was underway, around ten plain clothes policemen went to the hotel and requested to see Mr Steiner.

In front of 200 or so Amnesty members and the Swiss Ambassador to Tunisia, Mr Steiner was detained, without any explanation or warrant. Several hours later, Mr Steiner was able to contact his colleagues to let them know that he had left the police station, where had had been detained and that he was about to be expelled to Paris."

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