Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Plan Would Provide Aid to Palestinians

Plan Would Provide Aid to Palestinians: "The E.U., which has pressed hardest for some way to relieve the misery in the Palestinian areas, was assigned to come up with a plan. But there was little agreement on how the 'international mechanism' would work and no guarantee the United States would support it when it is completed, suggesting the Quartet for the moment was trying to paper over increasing differences about how to respond to the Palestinian humanitarian crisis.

A senior State Department official, briefing reporters on the condition of anonymity, said the Quartet faced a later decision on whether to support the plan once it had been crafted by the E.U. Once implemented, it would be subject to review after three months."

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mazen said...

this is a good article. the author has well supported his ideas. i would like to add that Arabs need democracy as a step towards justice. justice inside their countries i.e. to stop corruption, to preserve the dignity of citizens, and justice in the relations with other countries, free occupied lands, get their rights in natural ressources. usually, people in democratic system do not debate their rights, they debate how they get them.