Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bush's India Plans at Risk - Los Angeles Times

This is a potentially important development. What the Bushies don't seem to get is that if nuclear proliferation is going to be dealt with seriously then the U.S. needs to get as far from the appearance of double standards as possible. In this respect, Bush's willingness to consecrate India's nukes was a monumental mistake as many serious people with the government know. Of course, the logical stance to really engage Iran is to promote a nuclear-free Middle East, which would necessitate seeing the elephant at the party--Israel's nuclear arsenal. The U.S. can pretend it doesn't exist, but no one is being fooled, not least in Tehran.

Bush's India Plans at Risk - Los Angeles Times: "A proposed nuclear deal with India that the White House considers one of the most important pillars of President Bush's foreign policy legacy is in jeopardy because of growing objections in Congress and abroad.

Administration officials say quick congressional action is needed for survival of the complicated deal, which would permit civilian nuclear cooperation as a way to forge a historic alliance between the United States and a rising power in Asia. But lawmakers fear the accord would unravel international agreements designed to halt the spread of nuclear weapons, and encourage the nuclear ambitions of countries such as Iran. "

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