Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Persecution of the Palestinians

The Persecution of the Palestinians: "Query: who, besides al-Qaeda and recruiters of suicide bombers, can conceivably benefit from persecuting the Palestinian people like this? Does President Bush or Condi Rice think the Palestinians will respect an America that did this to their children, after we urged this election, called for Hamas to participate, and preached our devotion to democracy?
�The aid cut-off appears to be increasing anti-U.S. sentiment here,� writes the Post�s Scott Wilson, quoting 33-year-old pharmacist Mustafa Hasoona: �The problem is the West, not us. If they don�t respect democracy, they shouldn�t call for it. We are with this government we elected. I voted for it.�
According to the Financial Times, Hamas is winning converts for refusing to buckle. Said Khalil Abu Leila, a Hamas leader, �They have misunderstood the Arab mentality. As long as the pressure increases on Hamas, the more popular it will become.�
The White House says we don�t negotiate with terrorists. But when we had to, we did. FDR and Truman summited with Stalin at Yalta and Potsdam. Nixon met with Mao in Beijing. Kissinger negotiated with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese at Paris. Bush I allied with Assad in the Gulf War. Clinton had Arafat to the White House too many times to count.
Rabin and Peres shared a Nobel Prize with Arafat. Netanyahu gave him Hebron. Barak offered him 95 percent of the West Bank. "

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