Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bolton believes civilian deaths in Lebanon are not morally equivalent to civilians killed in Israel

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton - Yahoo! News: "'I think it would be a mistake to ascribe moral equivalence to civilians who die as the direct result of malicious terrorist acts,' he added, while defending as 'self-defense' Israel's military action, which has had 'the tragic and unfortunate consequence of civilian deaths'.
The eight dead Canadians were a Lebanese-Canadian couple, their four children, his mother and an uncle, said relatives in Montreal.
The Montreal pharmacist and his family had arrived in Lebanon 10 days earlier for a vacation in his parents' home village and to introduce his children to relatives, they said.
Three of his Lebanese relatives died too, a family member told AFP.
'It's simply not the same thing to say that it's the same act to deliberately target innocent civilians, to desire their deaths, to fire rockets and use explosive devices or kidnapping versus the sad and highly unfortunate consequences of self-defense,' Bolton noted."

What Bolton elides in his special pleading to excuse Israel's killing of civilians in Lebanon is that Israel's is that many of Israel's attacks have been effectively indiscrimate. This is masked in Israeli official rhetoric by describing most any target as "terrorist," as in the formulation that we only attack terrorist targets.

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