Friday, July 28, 2006

Bush adminstration begins to understand the dangers of its proxy war

BBC NEWS | Middle East | US 'outrage' over Israeli claims: "At talks in Rome on Wednesday, the US, UK and regional powers urged peace be sought with the 'utmost urgency', but stopped short of calling for an immediate truce. That prompted Mr Ramon to declare Israel had received 'permission from the world... to continue the operation'.

But questioned by reporters on the sidelines of a summit in Kuala Lumpur, Mr Ereli said: 'Any such statement is outrageous.'

The US has said a ceasefire is only worth it if it can be made to last. Mr Bush reiterated the US's rejection of a 'false peace' on Thursday evening.

But the BBC's world affairs correspondent, Nick Childs, points out that Mr Bush also emphasised how troubled he was by the mounting casualties, a suggestion - perhaps - that he is increasingly conscious of the price Washington is paying for its closeness to Israel."

The above-the-fold story in the NYTimes about the surging support for Hizballah in the Arab world will shake the confidence of the WH and it buy-in to Israel's promise of a victory.

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