Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Legal harrassment of Elif Shafak continues. Her sympathetic treatment of Armenians bruises the sensibilities of hardline Kemalists

Shafak is one of the Turkey's finest novelists. You may find biographical information on her here.
Guardian Unlimited Books News 'Insulting Turkishness' case reopens against bestselling author: "A decision in Istanbul's seventh high criminal court this week has reopened the prosecution of bestselling Turkish novelist Elif Shafak on charges of 'insulting Turkishness'. She faces a maximum jail term of three years if convicted.
The charges were brought under Article 301 the Turkish criminal code, which was also used in the prosecution of Orhan Pamuk earlier this year. The charges were reportedly based on remarks made by a character of Armenian ancestry in her novel, The Bastard of Istanbul - the character describes the death of Armenians during the first world war as a genocide. The case was thrown out last month after Shafak argued that the book was a work of literature and that comments made by fictional characters could not be used to press charges against an author."

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