Friday, July 28, 2006

New Poll cited by Rami Khouri

One would need to look at the poll design and methodology before putting too much confidence in the data, but a new Lebanese survey indicates a strong shift toward supporting Hizballah, even among Lebanese Christians. Anecdotal evidence would seem to cast a bit if doubt on the 80% figure for Lebanese Christain support of Hizballah right ot remain armed, but the momentum seems to be leading in that direction.
The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - Saying no to being a 'disposable animal': "The striking results showed 87 percent of all Lebanese supported Hizbullah's military response to the Israeli attacks (including, notably, 89 percent of Sunnis and 80 percent of Christians). Five months ago, just 58 percent supported the resistance movement's right to remain armed. And 89 percent of respondents said the US was not an honest broker and did not respond positively to Lebanon's concerns."

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