Thursday, July 06, 2006

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NPR needs to commended for airing a segment on the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. The show featured Stephen Walt and John Meirsheimer. On July 7, Dennis Ross, a spokesman for the Washington Institute for Near East policy will appear to rebut the Walt-Meirsheimer thesis.

My message to NPR:
My congratulations to you for the segment on the Israel lobby. The major print media, esp. the NYT and the Washington Post, have done their best to ignore their study of this lobby group and its influence.
This is a crucial issue because pro-Israel groups, esp. AIPAC, have helped to contort and skew US policies in ways that feed anti-US sentiments around the world, not only in the Muslim world. Morally, the U.S. has shown itself over-attuned to concerns for Israel and blind to Palestinian suffering, esp at the hands of Israel.
No doubt, you will receive flak for this report but you should be commended for you integrity for airing an issue of fundamental importance to U.S. foreign policy.

Professor Augustus R. Norton,
Boston University

NPR : Politics & Society

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