Sunday, August 20, 2006

"This man must die" says "senior Israeli officer"

Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah - New York Times: "The officer would only speak on the condition of anonymity in an interview on Friday. But, speaking one day before commandos carried out a raid that Israeli officials said was to disrupt arms shipments for Hezbollah from Syria and Iran, he was explicit that Israel would continue to seek out and block any such attempts. He also emphasized that, despite criticism from the Israeli public and even troops of the performance of the Army and government, he considered the threat and the fighting ability of Hezbollah to have been severely diminished.

Furthermore, he made it clear that Sheik Nasrallah remained a target as the leader of a group that Israel and the United States have labeled terrorist. “There’s only one solution for him,” he said. At another point, he said simply, “This man must die.”"

Gideon Ezra, retired deputy chief of Shin Bet.
"Nasrallah is the serpent's head and, therefore, must be liquidated if possible. I do not think there is anyone on our side who would miss an opportunity like that. That need not be Israel's goal, but I do not discount that as one of Israel's objectives. I only hope that Nasrallah will become the punching bag of Lebanese residents who come to understand the great disaster that man brought upon them."

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