Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Egyptian Interior Minister--prisoners committed suicide and killed one another

: "Ministry denies torture reports

A report issued by the Egyptian Association against Torture (EAAT) on 21 June provides evidence of abuse in prisons nationwide. The report followed an unprecedented letter from the Ministry of the Interior to members of the New York-based Human Rights Watch, denying accusations that 38 incidents of torture and seven deaths occurred at the hands of state security intelligence officers.
In the letter, issued 29 February, the ministry claimed that all seven deaths could be attributed to suicide or infighting among prisoners, and that 19 of the 38 alleged cases of torture “did not happen.” Investigations are pending in the remaining cases.
When EAAT announced its findings, the group accused the government of operating solely to defend its reputation abroad.
“With Egypt’s public image at stake, the ministry’s reaction is a form of damage control,” said EAAT founder and president, Aida Seif Al Dawla. “As a result, not a single police officer or prison guard has ever been prosecuted for the mistreatment of prisoners and detainees.” full story"

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