Friday, September 01, 2006

European contingents in UNIFIL will total between 7,000 and 9,000

Those figures include off-shore contingents, notably 1,200 person German naval contingent. Boot-on-the-ground counting the present skeleton force are likely to be 8,000 or so, plus an additional contributions from Muslim countries. Turkey has agreed in principle to send troops.
Zaman lists the following pledges to UNIFIL:
These are the commitments of the 35 potential troop-contributing nations

Belgium: 400 soldiers

Britain: technical aid and equipment

Denmark: three ships

Finland: 250 soldiers

France: 2000 soldiers

Germany: is to send their navies to patrol Lebanon's Mediterranean coast

Greece: will provide a frigate, helicopter and Special Forces

Italy: 2000 soldiers

Luxemburg: officers and soldiers to help clear mines

Nepal: 850 soldiers

Holland: naval power

Norway: 100 soldiers and a boat

Poland: approximately 500 soldiers

Slovenia: 10 to 20 soldiers to clear mines

Spain: 950 soldiers and up to 40 armored vehicles

Sweden: two ships

This list, which includes 900 Nepalese soldiers, only totals about 7,100. Greek, Danish, German and Swedish numbers are not enumerated, but together they would account for no more than 2,000 (mostly) naval personnel.

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