Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Leading Muslim Scholar Is Denied U.S. Travel Visa -

This is a case of a security system run amuck, a categorical approach to complex political realities, and the imperial conceit that whatever the U.S. says must apply throughout the world. Tareq Ramadan is especially the type of voice that the U.S. should seek to be engaging not spurning. Of course, given the third rails of U.S. politics these days, it should not be suprising that even the suggestion that an official is going soft on Hamas is too dangerous to touch.
Leading Muslim Scholar Is Denied U.S. Travel Visa - "The American Civil Liberties Union said the U.S. government notified Ramadan that he was being excluded because he donated $765 to French and Swiss organizations that provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians.
The ACLU said the organizations are legitimate charities in France, but the Bush administration said the groups gave money to the militant group Hamas, and it has invoked a law allowing it to exclude people who it believes have supported terrorism."

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