Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sardines and hand-outs are not enough--recriminations in southern Lebanon

The Daily Star - Lebanon News - Villagers in South lose patience as winter approaches: "'The sardines and the tuna are welcome but what we really need with the bitter winter coming up are prefabricated homes,' lamented Mohammad Hamdoun, a farmer whose home was destroyed. 'People have been waiting for help for nearly a month and they are going to become like time-bombs if something concrete doesn't happen soon.'

The same complaint is heard in other war-ravaged villages in the region. Many of those interviewed said that although the flags of Hizbullah or fellow Shiite party Amal still flutter above the remains of their homes, that does not reflect any active participation on their part with either party.

'Hizbullah has given me nothing but grief,' said one elderly man. 'I've lost everything I own and my dignity because of this war.' Another man echoed his feeling, saying: 'May God rid us of the Jews and the enemies of the Jews.'"

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