Sunday, October 01, 2006

And now an advocate for the Iraq invasion suggests keeping the military open versus Iran.

To contain Iran, keep military options open | "Ahmadinejad is not Hitler, but for diplomacy to matter against a governing clique with the willpower of Iran, it must be backed up by the credible will to use force, which requires military planning. But that is just what the administration's critics fear. By delegitimizing even the possibility of a military strike, they render diplomacy impotent as an alternative.

As someone who supported the invasion of Iraq, I know that the problem with grand assumptions is that they're nice when they succeed; otherwise, you require a Plan B. The idea that there is no alternative to diplomacy in dealing with Iran, even after it achieves nuclear status, is another grand assumption, but without a Plan B.

In the years ahead, a good deal of brinkmanship may be required to make sure Ahmadinejad is not the last word in Iran's political development."

Who will that option fool, other than ourselves?

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