Sunday, October 01, 2006

Beyond stalemate

It is inevitable that the publication of Woodward's blockbuster will be compared to Walter Cronkite's editorial on the Vietnam, the one that led LBJ to conclude that if he had lost Cronkite he had lost middle America.
Woodward is no Cronkite, but he is known widely across America, and his State of Denial will be in every Walmart. Losing Woodward will likely be a turning point in the fate of the Bush adminstration, and its adventure in Iraq.
It bears underlining that Cronkite "merely" said the Vietnam war was "unwinnable" and that it would likely end in a statemate. Woodward's book is much more ominous in that it points to the destination that some of use have seen for some time--defeat.

Secret Reports Dispute White House Optimism -

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