Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The dots and spots that wars are fought over...

The Daily Star - Politics - Former general: Israel testing its limits: "The red areas are Rmeich, Al-Adaisseh, Al-Matalah and the Shebaa Farms.

A newly drawn 150-meter-by-2,300 meter rectangle covering Al-Adaisseh, a small portion of Bourkat al-Naqqar and hundreds of meters in Alma al-Shaab, Telal Yaroun and Manarat shows the latest territories 'taken over by Israel,' Hoteit said.

'Israel has also completely taken over the cemetery of Mazar al-Oubad, where one of Israel's important leaders is buried,' Hoteit added. 'I remember how they were crying over this cemetery when some of it ended up in Lebanon back in 2000 due to the Blue Line.'

'Well, they took it back,' Hoteit added.

The retired general recalled that the Israelis were 'always delaying things and making things difficult' for their Lebanese counterparts, despite having never actually spoken with a member of the Israeli Army personally."

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Elijah Zarwan said...

Well said, Augustus Norton.