Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An inevitable result of the expanded UNIFIL

...will be increased incidents involving Israeli forces and European components of the UN force. UNIFIL has no choice but to perform its responsibilities in a balanced way. This IDF will not like this at all because it will inevitably limit Israeli degrees of freedom. These limits should be read as encouraging indicators that will make it make more difficult for Lebanese troublemakers to agitate against the international force.
The big issue that many Lebanese are watching carefully, I am sure, involves Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace. If Israel persists in violating Lebanese airspace there will be flaps and perhaps confrontations with UNIFIL. The curtailing of these flights would be a major success for UNIFIL.
Israel, Germany at odds over Lebanon air incident. 26/10/2006. ABC News Online: "Israel denied a German newspaper report that two of its Air Force planes had fired twice as they flew over a German navy vessel patrolling the Lebanon coast.

However, Germany's Defence Ministry said an incident had occurred, without giving details."

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