Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Israel, Hizbollah broke human rights law: U.N. envoys | International News | Reuters.com

Israel, Hizbollah broke human rights law: U.N. envoys | International News | Reuters.com: "'The mission concludes that serious violations of both human rights and humanitarian law have been committed by Israel,' the four envoys said following a visit to Israel and Lebanon.
'In many instances, Hizbollah violated the applicable principles of humanitarian law, in some cases by targeting the civilian population in northern Israel, and in others by disregarding the principle of distinction,' they said.
The special United Nations investigator into arbitrary executions Philip Alston, into the right to health, Paul Hunt, Secretary-General Kofi Annan's representative on displaced people, Walter Kaelin, and the rapporteur on housing Miloon Kothari made the visit this month on their own initiative."

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Anonymous said...

This is dangerous;

It places Hezb at the level of a state actor, and legitimizes its virtual coup d'etat.

I am not discussing the substance of the report, but the basic principle of equatin a party with a state. This only confirms that Lebanon, as a counttry and a government, is rendered irrelevant.

Hell is indeed paved with good intentions.