Friday, October 20, 2006

Israeli Chief of Staff Dan Halutz on the results of the war - Israeli Chief Offers Mea Culpa, Warns of Looming Threats - 10/20/06 17:25: "Our strategic problems are becoming more acute,” he said. “Whereas as recently as 2005, I said our strategic posture in the region seemed reasonable, today, I would say the opposite. And because of this, we need to search ourselves and make things right.”
Halutz said that internal as well as external probes will start with his role as military chief and extend through all command and operative levels. “It’s not easy to say in public, ‘I erred.’ And not only to say this about ourselves, but to testify against others,” Halutz said.
Beyond the negative aspects of the war, such as insufficient training and the lack of updated equipment, Halutz insisted that the IDF’s performance included significant achievements that allowed the government to physically and diplomatically change the rules of the game that prevailed on Israel’s northern border prior to the war. He noted that for the first time in more than 30 years, soldiers from the Lebanese Armed Forces are deployed throughout all of sovereign Lebanon. He also claimed that Hizbollah’s standing in Lebanon today is much weaker than it was before its confrontation with Israel.
“If, before the war, Hizbollah defined itself as a savior, a guardian of Lebanon, today it is known a"

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