Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Talaat Sadat charged with insulting the Army

BBC NEWS World Middle East Sadat nephew in court appearance: "The charges relate to Talaat Sadat's accusation of complicity by the army in his uncle's assassination in 1981.
He denies the charges and says he is being prosecuted because he opposes the government. The case was adjourned. Egypt's ally the US said the case was against freedom of speech, calling it a 'keystone of a democratic society'.
Correspondents say the controversial opposition MP arrived in a black Cadillac said to have once been owned by the late president.
'This is a dictatorial regime that is consolidating itself in power against people's will,' Mr Sadat was quoted saying on his way into court.
'There is political enmity between me and the minister of interior because this man is terrorising the people of Egypt.' "

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Anonymous said...

anwar sadat was a great who had egypt's interests @ hand, and history shows that whether domestically or globally he was way ahead of his time. which is a lot more than one can say for world leaders whether past or present. the fact that he's the only leader who understood the needs of egyptians and restored to them what nasser had destroyed is something that will speak to his legacy. to the Late Mohamed Anwar Sadat may you rest in eternal peace. Egypt will never forget you!