Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here is a suggestion: read the mandate for the expanded UNIFIL and ask how Israel's violations of Lebanese airspace contribute to the UNIFIL mission

Israeli jets roar over Beirut: "The IDF confirmed that jets had flown over Beirut, but said they were only routine reconnaissance missions.

These flights come amidst pressure from the United Nations and the European Union to stop flyovers inside Lebanese airspace claiming they violate the ceasefire agreement in resolution 1701.

Israel, in reaction, rejected the calls to stop running the missions claiming that Israel will continue flying over Lebanon as long as the arms smuggling into the country and into the hands of Hizballah continues.

As recently as Saturday, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and UNIFIL commander Alain Pelligrini met with European Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana asking him to pressure Israel to stop the flights as they violate the UN ceasefire resolution."

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blowback said...

Israel, almost sixty years after its formation, still behaves like a child.

During the recent fighting in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah, a number of liberal pro-Israeli commentators suggested that in the past, the American government had acted as a brake on the worst excesses of the Israeli government/military but with the Bush government there was no such brake. I would expect that kind of argument from an adolescent who knew he had done wrong and who also knew it was a bullshit excuse.

Israel's behaviour when it receives complaints from the Europeans about overflights of Lebanon shows that they have regressed to childhood. Next it will be throwing its rattle out of the cot.

BTW, it is interesting to see the profound public silence from Tony Blair on this issue. If Hezbollah had crossed the Israeli border we would have been subjected to his slimy visage in another hypocritical press conference so perhaps I shouldn't complain.