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Current History--the annual Middle East issue, January 2007

Current History

Iraq’s Civil War Ahmed S. Hashim

Accepting the fact that a civil war has started is a necessary first step toward bringing an end to the conflict.

Iran’s Conservative Revival Bahman Baktiari

Hard-liners, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, now control all of Iran’s power centers.

Letter from Afghanistan:

Are the Taliban Winning? Ahmed Rashid

As public morale sags and events spin out of control, many Afghans believe the war against resurgent Islamists is already lost.

Lebanese Identity and Israeli Security
in the Shadows of the 2006 War
Shibley Telhami

Do sectarian divides in Lebanon portend more instability? Has Israeli deterrence been eroded? A new opinion survey includes surprising results.

Toy Soldiers:

The Youth Factor in the War on Terror Cheryl Benard

Jihadist recruiters, like other organizers of warfare, take advantage of young men’s immature brains. Fourth in a series on global youth.

The Middle East Freedom Agenda:

An Update Tamara Cofman Wittes and Sarah E. Yerkes

To overcome Arab rulers’ intransigence, the United States will need to buttress democratic assistance with diplomatic pressure.

Stalled Reform: The Case of Egypt Hala Mustafa and Augustus Richard Norton

As Washington shows renewed interest in stability, have authoritarian regimes resumed their repressive ways.


What Should Be Done About Iraq? Marina Ottaway

The situation is deteriorating rapidly. Any workable change of course, including partition, will have to involve Iraq’s neighbors.


The Great Deception William W. Finan Jr.

Frank Rich and Bob Woodward show how Americans got into Iraq. Can the Baker-Hamilton report help them find an exit?

The Month in Review

An international chronology of events in November, country by country, day by day.

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