Saturday, December 02, 2006

So who is "worser"?

In domestic policy terms terms there is a real debate to be had, and it will be some time before the weight of time has been been felt, but in terms of foreign policy it is hard to think of a president whose decisions have been so consequential and so disastrous for America. Even if OBL's scalp is nailed to the front door of the White House, it is hard to imagine that the negative impact of the invasion of Iraq dissipate for decades to come.

Move Over, Hoover - "There is wisdom in Cannon's prudence. Clearly it's dangerous for historians to wield the 'worst president' label like a scalp-hungry tomahawk simply because they object to Bush's record. But we live in speedy times and, the truth is, after six years in power and barring a couple of miracles, it's safe to bet that Bush will be forever handcuffed to the bottom rungs of the presidential ladder. The reason: Iraq."

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