Sunday, February 11, 2007

War Booster, William Kristol, whose Weekly Standard took a leading role in promoting the Iraq war, wants more enthusiam from Republicans

The GOP's Moment of Truth: "Fortunately, most Republicans are hanging in there with Bush and Petraeus. The number of GOP deserters--or, to be more charitable, conscientious objectors--remains small. The large majority of Republicans continue to support the effort in Iraq. But they could do so more outspokenly and more aggressively. They shouldn't view defending the war as simply a grim duty. After all, Gen. Petraeus, who assumes command this weekend, believes we can win the war. Whether we will depends on lots of factors, not all of them in our control. Still, there is a decent chance of victory. Helping him--and the troops, and the nation--achieve a successful outcome is no small thing. Surely Republicans should view it as a matter of pride to be able to provide him with that support."

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